Traps For Loan

Need to borrow a trap? We can help you out there.


We require a $75 deposit. It’s fully refundable. We accept cheques made out to Cat Welfare Society, or cash.

What to do

Write into info @ . Let us have the following information:

1) Why you need the trap

2) Your area.

3) A contact number.

We will get back to you and arrange for you to get a trap from one of us.


3 responses to “Traps For Loan

  1. AutumnPiglet

    Hi, I sent an email last week to find out more about the cat stop and scarecrow. This is because I saw that one of my neighbors has a cat trap in his house. I’m afraid that the regular stray on my street would get trapped and sent to AVA. I’m hoping to be able to persuade him to use a cat stop instead. I’m moving out soon and I hope to be able to do my little bit for Tigger before I leave.

    Please advise. I’ve left my contact details,etc in the email too.

    Best regards,

  2. ivanong

    Hi Marilyn,

    Thank you for alerting us. Please do not leave comments pertaining to email requests here, as not very comment gets flagged. I just happen to see yours in our comments repository. You wrote to I will alert Wiggie about this email (she is standing in for Sarah who is away in August).

  3. Boon

    What should I do with the cat once I trapped it? Could I pass it to you along with the trap itself?

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