Medical Reimbursement

Need to apply for reimbursement? Read through this first.

Do you qualify?

To qualify, you must fulfil one of the two following conditions:

a) your monthly income is $1200 or less;

b) your total medical bill for one month is more than 25% of your monthly income.

For example, if you earn $1200, you can apply for reimbursement.

If you earn $1201, calculate your medical bills incurred in a single month. If you spent more than $300.25, you are eligible for reimbursement. If you spent $300, you are not eligible.

Please see the next section about calculating your medical bill.

How should you calculate your medical bill?

Your medical bill is calculated using the following:

a) First consultation

b) Treatment (e.g. surgery)

c) Tests

d) Medication

Your medical bill should not include the following:

a) Hospitalisation

b) Food

c) Vaccinations/deworming

d) Accessories (e.g. e-collar, medicated shampoo)

e) GST

f) Follow up consultations

For example, if your receipt looks like this:

S/N Item Cost
A Purr Clinic Consultation


B Thyroid blood test


C Cyst removal


D Hospitalisation (3 days)


E FIV shot


F Elizabethan Collar, 20 cm


G Amoxcillin tablets (for clearing infection)


Total before GST


Total including GST


You can include items A, B, C, G.

D, E, and F are not necessary:

D is hospitalisation.

E is a vaccination.

F is an accessory.

Your total bill comes up to A+B+C+G = $259 (before GST). If this total bill is more than 25% of your income (ie, you make $1035), then you are eligible.

Why can’t you include hospitalisation?

Because CWS can’t afford to pay the bill. In addition, there have been far too many cases of people who leave the cat for weeks at the vet. It has represented a huge drain on our resources, and it stops us from doing our main job – getting the cats sterilised.

How much can I claim?

That depends if you’re a member.

Members : 50% of medical bill up to a cap of $300

Non-members : 25% of medical bill up to a cap of $150

So if you’re a member, and you qualify, and your bill is $200, you can claim $100. If your bill is $900, you can claim $300.

If you’re a non-member, and you qualify, and your bill is $200, you can claim $50. If your bill is $900, you can claim $150.

Why can’t Cat Welfare just pay for the whole thing?

Because we can’t afford to. Paying for the medical bills of a few cats means that hundreds of cats will go unsterilised. We have to make the best possible use of the donations we get.

In addition, if you want us to help you to help this cat, it means that we have to be sure that you’ll make sure the cat is taken care of. This means making sure it gets its medication, and getting it adopted afterwards. Helping to foot the bill tells us that you will be responsible for this cat.

We will help. But we need you to help too.

How do I claim?

Please attach original vet receipts and most current CPF or income tax statement to the claim form and send to:

Cat Welfare Society

Orchard Road PO Box 65


Submissions will be processed at the end of the month and cheques mailed the middle of the following month. Remember to keep a copy of the receipts for your own records.


7 responses to “Medical Reimbursement

  1. Sim Kok Chwee

    Dear Sarah,

    your reply came like a whiff of oxygen and I shall collect the kitty later today from the vet. I will need to see what the bill is before looking to see how much help I could qualify for.

    Many thanks for your kindness and I fully understand the constraints the cat welfare society experience in giving out such assistance.

    I am just so pleased to hear that the cat has been operated on and stitched back. Hopefully there are no complications and I could return him to his usual environment after a week or so.

    Kok Chwee

  2. Polly Goh

    My Mother In Law is taking care of strayed cats, she is about eighty years old and all along she is a housewife since her marriage fifty over years ago. Is she entitled to the revised medical claims?

  3. ivanong

    Hi Polly,

    Perhaps you want to email this query to so that the relevant parties can discuss this further with you. Thanks.


  4. Anonymous


    I was just wondering – what if a person earns reasonable higher salary but is taking care of a large colony of community cats? He/She doesn’t qualify? Percieved as penalisng these gp of caregivers …


  5. ivanong

    Hi Angela,

    I am not in charge of the medical reimbursement. It is best that you send an email to so that your email can be channeled to the right person to respond to you. Thanks!

  6. Ken


    i was wondering if the association would help in the reimbursement of strays? I’m a non-working student and few days ago i found this stray kitten and i’ve been taking care of it on and off, i.e. feeding it, but recently i realized it has an infection on its front paw and its hind leg seems to be broken. The thing is i can’t bring it home because of my parents, and i don’t have much money on me to bring it to the vet, so i was wondering if the association would be able to help in my situation.


  7. Ivanong

    Ken, kindly email CWS at for more information regarding your case. We do reimburse the fees partially on case by case basis with income and membership status as variables that affect how much you get reimburse.

    The kitty’s condition sounds painful. I advice you to send it to the vet first with some pooled monies you can gather from family and friends. Then you do the reimbursement.

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