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Cats Day at Suntec City this weekend


Cat Welfare Society wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a long weekend holiday.  If you are in town this weekend (27th and 28th December), check out the LPN Kids’ Party cum Cats Day at Suntec City, Happy Kidz Atrium Level 3 from 10am to 6pm.  There will be a few cat related groups present.  Hope everyone have fun there!


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Sign up for TNRM Workshop (20 Dec)

We are going to have a TNRM workshop on 20 Dec, 3pm at the NVPC (The Central). If you are interested to sign up for the workshop, please register by filling up this form.

Do encourage your friends/ other interested care-givers to come for the workshop. Thanks!

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On The Wall

If you’re in town tmr, you might want to check out this photo exhibition. There are two artists who have got cat photos on display too 🙂 Check out the website of the gallery. It will be held at Old School, Mt Sophia (behind Dhoby Ghaut MRT) from 11am to 8pm.

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Lucky Sabbie

Last Sunday, CWS was invited to be part of the Championship Cat Show. Here are some highlights from the show. Lucky Sabbie was one of them. She was adopted by one of our volunteers from the adoption stall set up by another organisation. Her name’s both Lucky and Sabbie, as our volunteer decided to change her name to Sabbie after she was adopted. See how ‘old’ she looks with the ‘eyebrows’ above her eyes! Sabbie was very manja and marketed herself really well.


Lucky Sabbie with her cute ‘eyebrows’.


Sabbie was the centre of attention, and was going home soon.


One of the cat show cats that belongs to another volunteer. She’s a big cat 🙂


And of course, a big thank-you to all our volunteers who helped out at the CWS booth and made it possible. Thanks to all of you for coming down, and thanks to all who came by to say ‘hi’!

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See you at the AVA Roadshow

Here’s our set-up of the booth this year for the AVA Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow. Thanks to Li Tin for bringing the merchandise down and helping to set up the booth. If you would like to go for the event, it’s going to be held from 7 to 9 Nov, Expo Hall 6B, from 11am to 9pm daily. Do pop by the CWS booth!

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AVA Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow 2008!

Li Tin:
Kailing and I went to Expo earlier in the night to set up the booth for tomorrow’s (at the time of this post… it’s this morning actually) Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow 2008.

Past years’ events were usually held at Orchard Road for 2 days, but this time round AVA had decided to extend the roadshow to 3 days and have it in a cool indoor area where activities can be better contained… and the best thing is – THERE IS AIR-CONDITIONING!

Sorry, I personally don’t fare too well in the humid heat of our sunny Singapore, but I digress.

Here are some of the event details.

Date: 7-9 November 2008 (Friday to Sunday)
Time: 11am – 9pm (will most probably close shop earlier on the last day)
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6B (the one nearest to the Expo MRT station!)

We will be having merchandise sales… and a special lelong of our Christmas Cards at $2 for a pack of 8!

Do pop by and say hi to our volunteers! =)

(Psst Kailing, please put pictures up together with this post ok? Thanks!)


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Spay Day Vets

Cats going home soon!

Cats going home soon!

Kai Ling:

Here are the cats in their carriers waiting to be loaded into the van. Adding on to my previous post, we would like to also thank the vets for being part of Spay Day. It was a pity though, that some care-givers who signed up did not turn up with the cats, and hence, there were were extra slots not filled-up . Do thank your vets when you see them, for offering CWS subsidized rates for sterilisation on Spay Day. The participating vet clinics are: 

  1. Allpets & Aqualife Pte Ltd
  2. AMK Veterinary Surgery
  3. AAVC – Animal & Avian Veterinary Clinic
  4. Animal Practice Pte Ltd
  5. Animal Recovery Centre Pte Ltd
  6. Animal Recovery Centre (East)
  7. Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre
  8. Clinic for Pets
  9. James Tan veterinary Centre Pte Ltd
  10. Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital 
  11. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (Springside) Pte Ltd
  12. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East) Pte Ltd
  13. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (North) Pte Ltd
  14. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (Bedok)
  15. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (West) Pte Ltd
  16. Namly Animal Clinic
  17. Pet Clinic
  18. The Animal Doctors
  19. The Joyous Vet Pte Ltd
  20. The Veterinary Clinic (Harbour Front Walk)
  21. The Veterinary Clinic (Holland VIllage)
  22. Vet Practice Pte Ltd 

Thank you all for your kind support!


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