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New Year, New Website, New Beginnings

Li Tin:
Happy New Year and our official website is finally revamped!

Now featuring an automated, easy-to-use system for the Public Adoption Bulletin Board, fosters can now post their notices without having to email our adoptions volunteer, Sophia.

Please note that we do not know the fosters nor the adopters, so please, do screen your potentials carefully!


We now have a more interactive FAQ section for most of your general queries. If you have some special enquiries that is not featured on the site, please email and we will attend to you as soon as we can.


Keep yourself updated with our upcoming events and roadshows with our new Events page in an easy-to-view calendar format.


We are still adding in functions and minor tweaks to the pages, so if there is any problem that you faced with the website, please email

>>> But with the improved functionality on the official site, this would mean that our blog will be shifted over as well. As of now we will cease postings on this WordPress blog. Please head over to now!



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Other Minor Cases


With all the other minor complaints and cases handled, thanks to the help/assistance/networking of the caregivers all around,cases can be resolved.
Solutions /suggestions were given and at the end of the day cases managed to come to a compromise between complainer, caregiver and TCs…at the end of the day everyone is doing something good and we can all live in harmony and peace with love & compassionate for the feline community.
Network of caregivers are truly important and the interaction between TCs officers are extremely important irregardless of any cases for the cause of feline community cats.
Please be united and NEVER EVER GIVE UP

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Case of Waiting

I have never waited for so long to see council member. Never mind that I was charged midnight fare for taxi and never mind I was so tired after a day of heavy workload that day and never mind that my hubby was angry with me for coming home so so late for my volunteering work and never mind that I was very angry that day….and never mind that I was staying further away……but i “ren” because for the love of saving cats..even if its fated that I cannot save all and get to save even one I would be thankful.

After work when over to a private estate to help a resident caregiver speak about implementing sterilisation for some resident cat she has spotted. Being a cat lover herself she thought that she can rope in the management to look into this matter…As for me I do not want to keep my hopes high up but I am willing to try without a fight.
And from the first start I knew that they wouldn’t want to implement when we address the issue. There were one or two that were friendlier but there were more like saying what is this girl doing here and like are u sure this girl know what she is doing that kind of look to me.. I try to remain as calm as I can and managed to end all conversations before 11.45pm.
But deep down I know it did not go well and I was feeling dejected but I’ve tried my best with all the pros and cons including a proposal on how the residents volunteers who can managed the cats as we know some residents love the cats. But end of the day the ball in their court and we can only appeal if they decided that they do not want cats in their private estate. Even though for a mere $50.00 monthly for cat food after the initial one off $400.00 for trapping, sterilisation and transport is like asking too much for them.
Until today no decision has been reverted to the lady who is a resident there….We can only remain HOPEFUL…

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Case of Ghost Feeders


When to another case about unsterilised cats and poos/pees.. these have been going on for years maybe not sure. But I went to help a caregiver as this estate and me being a Malay, I need to be translating information for this family… months back from what caregiver mentioned, the stairways seems so unbearable… and now when we went up the area looks clean and 200% better and of all the cats only two that needs sterilisation as they are still young. The two kittens were abandoned ones and 2 other siblings have died too and some of the old cats have also died.
As per translated to the uncle that if the cats roam and poos/pees along stairways etc, these cats regardless sterilised or not will be taken away….he mentioned that some of the cats are not his but resident community cats that he feeds and sterilised…but he doesn’t feeds outside the house..and in fact since the complaints he has been cleaning regularly also along the vicinity so that there will be no smell….
We would also required the uncle to mesh his windows to avoid cats from coming out of the house… and as he do not have enough money to pay for it, the caregiver has decided to sponsor the mesh and the uncle will mesh up the place but still will have fresh air into the house. Brochures on Responsible feeding, please do not dump your pets and sterilisation were also given to him in Malay translation. And I have passed him my card and number so that he can contact me if he needs advice too.
While talking to him, a friend told us that someone has poured so much cat food along the staircase……but we couldn’t find the person….and then we realised that there are a few GHOST FEEDERS around that causes the family to be complains because of this. And this uncle knows that a very fast old old uncle will put food and disappeared. Many time the uncle will clear the food and feed inside to prevent the smell etc.
We will try to speak to the old old uncle tomorrow knowing that he will come everyday about the same time..And if managed to speak to other ghost feeders it would greatly help a lot.
And at 1st uncle thought that his neighbour complain bt after speaking to the neighbour, they said they did not complain and ok with the cats as long as he keeps the corridor and stairways clean.we hope that there are not going to be hard feelings between the two families.
1) Ghost feeders loves feeding at the staircases & even downstairs with wet/dry food  that will attracts ants & flies. In fact there is not one but a few ghost feeders.
2) And by causing that the cats after eating will want to poo & pee even before they can reach grass patch.
3) Uncle always have to clear the food whenever he saw cat food to prevent complains again & again. And uncle have promised to always wash all areas mesh up the house and to keep the cats indoor at all times. Sterilising the remaining two kittens. Uncle always have to clean stairways regularly and maintain cleaniless and scattered some crush mothballs to prevent the cats from peeing/poos along stairways etc.
We will do an inspection in two weeks time after he has meshed up the house.


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Case on No Compromise

It’s really really sad when things doesnt work out the day we wanted. Somewhere HERE, a management of an estate DO NOT WANT to compromise in keeping the residence cats that are merely a few sterilised cats just because people complaining they have seen that cats sitting on cars and their protocol if more than 5 complains these cats have to be removed.
Mind you, they are just sitting on cars because the weather was too cold but it seems so so extremely wrong. And I know for some people their cars are much more precious to the extend that some wash their cars almost everyday… their complaints is as simple that the car will be scratch and have paw prints etc… And I have read Dawn’s old blog on this too.
Some people are so narrow-minded and couldn’t care less about not knowing that cats do not scratch cars and doesn’t care about what will happen to the cats, for all they care are the CATS HAVE TO BE REMOVED. Solutions were given like car covers, using crush mothballs, pet repellent etc they still do not want to compromise and the the complainant who wishes to remain anoynomous DIE DIE want the cats removed even some of the cats may not be sitting on the complainant’s car.
Petition were put up for signatures of residents to allow the cats to stay merely come out to less than 10..Isn’t it sad when what you hear are people saying they don’t care about the cats and they do not want to be bothered about it and that let the management handle all matters…What kind of person could be like that? And indirectly these people are also the cause that the cats to be trapped and………..(let you all think for yourself what will happen)
Poor girl, being young (she is not even 18) her compassion for cats seems so great (and I am proud of her) that I know that when she was talking to me on the phone she seems to be in the verge of tears… She is and have been trying her best to save the only few cats at her estate – TWO that have been caught. Now one with her waiting for adoption and one relocated urgently with to another caregiver area that will help her…Writing a fax doesn’t work, they do not reply but mentioned to her that management will have a discussion.
But without reverting back their decision they suddenly come out with a memo today to residents no to feed cats and pest control will be hired to removed ALL CATS… such inhuman and cruel act… It really hurts so much when you couldn’t help enough… and I don’t care if people say that I am too emotional….


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Failed Trapping…

Li Tin:
Just got home at 12am after trying in vain to catch this elusive female cat at the coffee shop. Instead we got her kid, a male who seemed to have impregnated his mother! This certainly is a common thing for areas without any caregivers to help control the situation.

We also made friends with a lady who had sterilised quite a few cats a few blocks away. She tried helping us get the girl as the cat recognised her (but hissed at us) but didn’t manage to stuff her in the cage.

And I want to salute the caregivers for trying again and again to get the cats in their areas spayed, you really deserve a trophy or something!

This is our first setback (sort of) because the cats we have spayed so far are usually friendly and were relatively easy to trick inside the carrier.

Considered letting the male cat sitting in my study out to roam for the night, but I suspect we will have problems getting him back into the carrier after he learnt his first valuable lesson about sniffing around and inside suspicious boxes.

We are worried he’s going to pee and poop inside the carrier. Oh well.

Learnt from the lady that there have been complaints in the area and TC is certainly not pleased. Looks like it’s time to go pay them a visit soon.

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A Video About TNRM From YouTube Celeb

Li Tin:

Looks like our official website at is back online! 🙂

On the side, let’s take a look at this fantastic TNRM video (as forwarded to me by a friend) made by a YouTube celebrity who has a series of cat-related videos. I personally love his way of presentation and the production quality. Who knows? We might be able to get him to help us do up a video that goes more in depth on the benefits of sterilisation of Feral/Stray/Community Cats. 😀

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