Cat Welfare Society on Facebook


Our Media Head, Li Tin has created a Cat Welfare Society group on Facebook.  This is something new for us and so we invite you on board if you already are on Facebook.  Please do upload some photos of your community and pet cats when you join us =)



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3 responses to “Cat Welfare Society on Facebook

  1. Anonymous

    What is the use of CWS running another website, when your emails slow to reply and you don’t do much when we need mediation talk with TC officers, CWS always said too busy to help.

  2. ivanong

    Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks so much for the feedback. You may want to email to and let us know exactly which of our committee member or staff isn’t giving you the prompt feedback that you need. This will be more helpful than a general feedback that does not give us a chance to identify the committee or staff concerned, to see if improvements on our side can be made.

    Having said that, I thought it is good to highlight that most of us do try to revert within 48hrs and some also do go down to mediate with TC officers. Because each of us has different personal commitments during the day (school/work), we can only do replies during our free time and mediate if we can make it and if the caregiver requires a third party to step in. At the same time, the extent of help depends largely on the zone you are from and the manpower that is allocated to that zone.

    Hope to see your email soon to Thanks!

  3. Good job on the site. I have a facebook account and will like and send a friend request. I have 4 cats and love all of them like children. I hope you don’t mind me sharing but you can see pictures of my 4 cats in a article I wrote to help volunteers who foster cats & dogs at Tax Deductions for Fostering Stray Cat & Dogs. My firm also supports animal rescue groups. Thanks, Kenneth Gibbons LLC

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