Poor Kitty – Tanjong Katong Case


Here’s the latest update about the Tanjong Katong case:

The kind lady wrote to Salina and myself saying that she has to send kitty to vet’s clinic to have the tail amputated.  Earlier, lady noticed that after the rescue surgery, the tail always blue and cold.  After the vet’s assessment, it was confirmed the tail has to come off and kitty was given a surgery date.  However, the lady noticed that the kitty has been trying to chew its dead tail off and it might be a very bloody affair.  And so she is trying to shift forward the appointment date.  Below are the photos of little Lubbah (she is now given a beautiful name) and her tail.  It is sad that she has to lose her beautiful long tail due to someone’s senseless act of tying rubber bands on her tail.  Hope the abuser can be put to justice soon.




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One response to “Poor Kitty – Tanjong Katong Case

  1. Sometimes amputation of cat’s tail has to be done.
    AhBeng (stray cat) was sent to foster care with scalded tail and tail was dressed & cleaned daily. AB had a very long tail & he cld get at bandaged tail even with e-collar. Eventually after 2 mths, it was decided that amputation was solution as healing tail got chewed to bloody pulp at regular intervals. Once amputed, tail healed in 1 wk.

    If vet is good, recovery wld be no problem. BTW, cat went to 3 vets: 1 did not recommend surgery. 1 said to try first (that was done) & finally after 2mths trial, cat went to 3rd vet with successful “tail” surgery experience.

    It was such a relief that biting stopped with amputation – it was nightmare experience for foster. AB has been successfully rehomed.

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