ST World News: Beijing pet lovers slam cat-eating


The Straits Times on today (20 Dec 08) ran the above piece of news on page C6.  What happened was a group of 40 animal lovers in Beijing staged a protest insisting the southern Guandong province stop the “shameful” and “cruel slaughter” of cats for food.  According to the news, thousands of cats across the country have been caught in the past week by traders and transported to Guandogng to be killed for food.  The group was very angry because the cats are being skinned and then cooked alive. The group wants the provincial governement to crack down on these cat traders and cat meat restaurants, however, the province has no legislation preventing cat eating.  Of late, cat-nabbing syndicates from Hunan have started rounding up cats.  Some of these cats are people’s pet.  Economic situation appears to drive these people to steal others’ pets and sell them for money. 

Hopefully, the province in China can have some legislation to stop this sick practice of eating cats which is worser now since some Chinese (in Guandong) believe that this Cantonese cuisine is extra nutritious in the winter time.   Here is the original news source.


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